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The South End String Band

Cabin Fever (2008)


"... maybe you'll find something reminiscent of grandma's smile, or uncle Joe's quirky sense of humor, or sister Sarah's knack for homemade pies. Look too hard, of course, and you'll find grandpa's jug out in the woodshed and some of those stories the grownups were whispering too low for us kids to hear behind closed doors."


Victims of Unbridled Ambition (2005)


The second record from the South Enders takes you to, in the words of spiritual advisor Skeeter Daddle,  "... a geography of the imagination where the porches go on forever, the jug is never empty, and the avant-gardens sprout weeds more exotic than any suburban flower."


Legends in Their Own Minds (2004)


This is the first record from The CD was recorded live at good ol' Quacky Studios and is released under the band's own South End String Brand label.


About the Band


Camano Island's South End String Band are locally famous for presenting a live program of mountain bluegrass and front-porch swing music, peppered with down-home wit and wisdom.


Mike Hilley – mandolin

Rebecca Fletcher – hammered dulcimer

Jim Karr – bass

Wende Hilyard – vocals, mountain dulcimer

Chaim Bezalel – guitar/autoharp

Paul Platis – guitar

Bill Gum – bass

Monika Denasha – vocals, guitar/banjo

John Muhler – percussion

Erich Schweiger – fiddle

Jack Archibald – vocals, banjo

Skeeter Daddle – spiritual advisor


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