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This documents my own musical activity, on stage and in studio. Big Quack Records is a private label for recording projects that I am personally involved in. I've done some recording for others, but I don't actively solicit studio work, nor do I "sign" bands.

Mark Dodge
PO Box 262
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Where to buy

You can stream and/or download any of our songs on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, and about 100 other Web-based outlets. Just search for the artist on your favorite service.

Studio Project History

Released Jan 2023: The Fat Fridays - Rise
Released June 2020: The Fat Fridays - Brainshadow
Released February 2018: The Fat Fridays - Maybe Wednesday
Released March 2016: The Fat Fridays - Never on Tuesday
Released May 2015: Swingnuts Jazz - Wild Dream
Recorded in 2012: Swingnuts Jazz Demo
Released in 2008: One Ton of Ducks - Floaters
Recorded in 2008: South End String Band, Cabin Fever
Released in 2007: Steve Harris & Friends, Here on Island Time
Released in 2005: Steve Harris, Northwestern Sky
Recorded in 2005: South End String Band, Victims of Unbridled Ambition
Released in 2005: One Ton of Ducks (Big Quack Sampler CD), Out of print
Recorded in 2004: South End String Band, Legends in their Own Minds
Released in 2004: Tim Miller, Jazz from the Camano Shore
Released in 2003: Bob Christensen, Rear View
Released in 2002: Giza, Time Heals

The South End String Band

Image of Legends in their Own Minds CD cover Image of Victims of Unbridled Ambition CD cover Image of Cabin Fever CD cover

Cabin Fever (2008)


"... maybe you'll find something reminiscent of grandma's smile, or uncle Joe's quirky sense of humor, or sister Sarah's knack for homemade pies. Look too hard, of course, and you'll find grandpa's jug out in the woodshed and some of those stories the grownups were whispering too low for us kids to hear behind closed doors."


Victims of Unbridled Ambition (2005)


The second record from the South Enders takes you to, in the words of spiritual advisor Skeeter Daddle,  "... a geography of the imagination where the porches go on forever, the jug is never empty, and the avant-gardens sprout weeds more exotic than any suburban flower."


Legends in Their Own Minds (2004)


This is the first record from The CD was recorded live at good ol' Quacky Studios and is released under the band's own South End String Brand label.



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